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Hey there,

we are friendly and growing new community bringing new updates and mods on daily basis. We have active and friendly admins.
We have different PvP, PvE servers with different mods and plugins.

Can you survive DC?
-Kits - lumberjack, hunter, hero, bandit
-TPA - enabled for all players so you can reach your friends faster
-Shop - all items are added in ingame shop
-Feast - happens every 20 minutes on different location
-Death announces - server alerts for kills and deaths
-Pay - get payments by time you play on our server, every 20 mins get Kittens
-Zombie rewards - kills zombies to get currency and kill mega zombies for bigger reward
-Restart announce - always know when server is about to restart, even check uptime "/time"
-Vote rewards - Vote for us and get kit on our servers (Ghillie,Soldier or Police)
--VIP subscriptions for better kits and home command -
-Forum -
-Discord - Mindbdsm Comms

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Server Information
Rank: 21


IP + Port:

Map: Hawaii

Players: 8 / 24

Location: Europe

Difficulty: Normal

Mode: PvE   NoSync

Website: Click here to visit this server's website!

Likes: 277

Favorites: 472

VoteRewards: Yes

Last Query: 17 seconds ago

Registered by: mindbdsm

Server Registered: Aug 19, 2015

Server Uptime
99.25% 99.25%


Rosisk3 months ago

I really like this server nice admins and people nice to use some time after school to stress off