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Welcome to unTRUMPed, the unofficial Unturned server of President Donald J. Trump!

- PvP!
- Raids!
- Workshop Mods! (See Full List Below)
- 3X Structures/Barricades!
- All 100% Durability Items!
- No Building in Loot Zones/Cities!
- Custom Feasts!
- Vehicle Events! (Like Feasts, but for Vehicles!)
- Voting with Custom Rewards!
- Roleplay!
- Free Kits!
- VIP & VIP+ Kits!
- Helpful Staff!
- And MORE Always Being Added!

Workshop Mods:
- de Craft Explosives!
- Spec Ops Alicepack!
- Guns and Ammo Crafting!
- Special Forces Pack!
- Spec Ops Helmet!
- Recycle wood structures!
- Recycle metal structures!
- Winter Hawk (AWP)!
- Gaffa's Patriot!
- Freighterpack by A1mless and Sathan!
- D.G.'s Vanilla Gun Pack!
- Armafire!
- Makeshift Helicopter!
- Makeshift Boat!
- Vyzlomka" OSV-96!
- Canada +!

Also, visit us at our community website HERE!

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Server Information
Rank: 49


IP + Port: untrumped.net:27062

Map: Canada +

Players: 12 / 24

Location: USA

Difficulty: Normal

Mode: PvP   NoSync

Website: Click here to visit this server's website!

Likes: 111

Favorites: 241

VoteRewards: Yes

Last Query: 4 minutes ago

Registered by: Zeof

Server Registered: Aug 5, 2016

Server Uptime
99.47% 99.47%



I used to love this server, I found so many new friends because of it. Sadly, things have changed. We were raided by the admins who would always be loaded with guns when they spawned. Amazingly, we held them off. Only to log on the next day with a sudden lack of a giant metal base and a message from John (one of the admins) saying, "FUCK YOU GAYS."

Moral, don't play on this corrupted shit.

PS: John is an asshole

Zeof BETTYSPAGHETTI5 months ago

I was there actually. First of all, the admins did NOT abuse in any way. The admins used the kits available and waited for the proper cool down times before using them. Secondly, it was not just admins raiding your base. There were normal players there as well who received their gear legitimately. Concerning the sign, I spoke with John about it and he said he never wrote a sign. Such behavior and language being used by our staff is this not condoned here on Untrumped.

invadertoast Zeof4 months ago

Sorry, I accidentally hit enter after typing that. I have played on your server and I intend to when I get some people together. That being said, it seems like you guys have issues. Cheaters get unbanned on the forums. That's like Trump hiring debbie wasserman schultz. People are claiming moderators are tp'ing to them in godmode and killing them. This is the kind of corruption Trump stands against. As for the admins, they are there to run the server properly, and allowing them to participate in raids makes it so they are now playing for themselves.

invadertoast Zeof4 months ago

(2/2) They should play to make the server better. On top of that, they get a kit (if I;m looking at this correctly) that people need to pay for. So you have a group of people running around with full kits for free, that makes them pretty hard to stop. And they're supposed to be making sure the server runs normally.

Zeof invadertoast2 months ago

We allow hackers to go through a process to earn our trust again. We believe in a level of forgiveness, and wish for people who want to play our server to be able to do so. Admins do not use any sort of abuse or spawning in of items when raiding. However, you have to understand that our admins are players of the game just like you. They should be able to both have fun and do their job, especially since they aren't paid (and are close friends of mine for years now).

Zeof6 months ago

I'm the owner of the server. I recommend that you come check us out. I'm very active adding new mods, plugins, and features to keep the server fresh and fun. We're always happy to have more members join our community, so come play with us!