[EU] TorchNet [2xLoot/Kits/Vault/Tpa/Home/Vote]

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Old server back again!
Join our steamgroup: TorchNet at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/torchnet
And our discord: https://discord.gg/Bjzf7h7
Every 100 votes, there will be a free 2 week VIP giveaway!

Vault to save your best items from getting raided
Watch Ads for free items
Mega zombies drop 25 items
Regular drop 1 item
Item durability always 100%
Alot more loot and experience!
Don't lose experience on death!
Can't break legs.
2x stronger structures
Vehicle events, Feast and Airdrops!

Vote rewards:
Sniper Elite - 10%
Makeshift Gyro - 10%
Mechanic - 20%
Swat - 20%
Gangster - 20%
Sniper - 20%
Small chance to get VIP rank for free!

Check our steam group for info on donations and ranks!

Owner: www.steamcommunity.com/id/industax

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Server Information
Rank: 30


IP + Port:

Map: Offline

Players: Offline

Location: Europe

Difficulty: Normal

Mode: PvP   NoSync

Website: Click here to visit this server's website!

Likes: 10

Favorites: 76

VoteRewards: Yes

Last Query: 8 minutes ago

Registered by: IndustaX

Server Registered: Jul 17, 2017

Server Uptime
79.48% 79.48%