ForsakenWorlds|Semi-RP|5x Loot|Modded|

This server is not 24/7 but its modded ! Please do not KOS the server have very nice staff members : ) we do not abuse our admin abilities!

1. No hate comment
2. you must listen to staff
3.No glitching
4.Do not ask donator or admin for money or items!
5. Do not steal or break vehicles in safezone
6.Do not safezone camp.
7. Do not bother staff members when their busy
8. Staff members are also a normal player do not ask them for anything unless you really need help with something important
9.No spamming in chat!

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Server Information
Rank: 16


IP + Port:

Map: Offline

Players: Offline

Location: Asia

Difficulty: Normal

Mode: PvP   Sync

Likes: 86

Favorites: 3

VoteRewards: No

Last Query: 2 minutes ago

Registered by: andrewrektm8

Server Registered: May 30, 2018

Server Uptime
55.62% 55.62%