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Welcome to Trillion Servers!

Previously known as Rebel Gaming, we are now expanding servers to games like: Unturned, Rust, FiveM, GMOD, and Minecraft. As of now we have 4 Unturned servers and 1 FiveM server in development. We are currently accepting new staff members and developers for our servers. Thank you!

Unturned Servers:

EU SemiRp: OUT NOW! (Direct Connect Link: steam://connect/ )

U.S SemiRp: OUT NOW! ( Direct Connect Link: steam://connect/ )

Faction Server:OUT NOW! (Direct Connect Link: steam://connect/ )

FullRp:Coming Soon

Modded Survival: Coming Soon

Vanilla Survival: Coming Soon

FiveM Servers:

FiveM Server #1:Coming Soon

FiveM Server #2:Coming Soon

Staff Application: https://trillionservers.us/staff-application.php

Main Website: https://trillionservers.us/

Donation Store: https://shop.trillionservers.us/

Discord Link: https://discord.trillionservers.us/

Please Note the Direct Connect Links only work if you are outside the game.

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Server Information
Rank: 33


IP + Port:

Map: Washington

Players: 0 / 24

Location: Canada

Difficulty: Easy

Mode: PvP   Sync

Website: Click here to visit this server's website!

Likes: 1

Favorites: 0

VoteRewards: Yes

Last Query: 1 minute ago

Registered by: griffindor302

Server Registered: Feb 19, 2021

Server Uptime
98.32% 98.32%