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Welcome to UnturnedPlayground

First, I want to welcome every player that decides to join our server.
UnturnedPlayground is a 24/7 server, and we want every player to have the same experience as others and give every player a possibility to reach the highest ranks, Kits, without paying to reach it. Because we believe that all players deserve to get to the top even with or without a big wallet, that's what makes UnturnedPlayground different from all other servers out there.

What plugins do UnturnedPlayground offer?

The plugins we have on our server atm is TPA, Kits, Vote reward,


TPA is a plugin that makes you teleport to a player or the player to you.

TPA Commands

/TPA (Makes a teleport request to the player)
/TPA accept (This command accepts a teleport request from a player)
/TPA deny (This command cancels the teleport request from the player)


The kit is a plugin that gives you a starter loadout. Different kits are available depending on your current rank. For example, the ranks we have atm are Member, Member+, V.I.P.

Kits Commands
/Kits (Brings a list of what kits you have access on)
/kit (give you the kit you choose)

Vote Reward

Vote reward is a way you can support or server on, and it also gives you the [Supporter] tag and an extra kit to help you during your journey on our server.

Vote Commands
/vote (brings you to our server on unturned-server.net) P.S. you can also vote on untrunedSL. But there, you must go to their website and find our server and then vote. The /vote command will only bring you to unturned-server atm.
/reward (when you have voted)


We have atm three different Ranks/roles you can access more ranks, and roles will come.

Give you access to these kits: survivor, police, Prisoner
This kit is the starter rank, and you get access to it when you first join the server.

Give you access to police, survivor, Nightstalker, member+,
How to get Member+ kit you have to join our discord and link your steam and after that type ">link" in any discord chat you have access to, and a bot yeti will give you a link, and you follow that link, and after that, you automatically get access to Member+ on discord and in-game.
How do I get Honor?
To get the honor, you have to reach every rank on this server, even V.I.P

Give you access to PVP, survival, Nightstalker, member+, V.I.P
How to get V.I.P is simple all you had to do is to do the same as in member+ and then reach level 30 in our discord server, and then you will be granted the V.I.P role

Give you access to Honor, survivor, police, Prisoner,
To get the honor, you have to reach every rank on this server, even V.I.P

Give you access to survivor, police, Prisoner, Honor+, Honor
To get honor+, you have to reach every rank, even V.I.P and depending on how long you have played on this server. So this means when you have reach "Honor," You will be selected at some point to "Honor+" if you still play on the server.

You get access to supporters if you vote on our server, and you will get access to the supporter kit

With this said. We hope that you will enjoy your stay at UnturnedPlayground.
We are also looking for Staffs so join our discord if you are interested and make an Apply
Discord: https://discord.gg/S5yPr243BE

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Server Information
Rank: 165

Version: 3.0

IP + Port: join.unturnedplayground.com:27015

Map: Washington

Players: 11 / 24

Location: Europe

Difficulty: Easy

Mode: PvP   NoSync

Likes: 0

Favorites: 1

VoteRewards: Yes

Last Query: 3 weeks ago

Registered by: linus9967

Server Registered: Aug 13, 2021

Server Uptime
99.85% 99.85%