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Welcome to our Server!

How to vote
You must sign up and make an account here on UnturnedSL.com. You will be required to link your Steam account in order to vote and receive your reward in-game. Once you have done all the signing up and linking click the "Like this server" button and return in game and type /reward. Enjoy!

Voting Rewards
1. C4
2. Grenades
3. Minigun

Donation Perks
You can do /donate in game for a donation link, or go to unturnedbattlefield.enjin.com/donate to see and purchase available donation perks. Thanks!


See on our website :)

Why play here?
Well, if you love PVP, play here! Our server has the most kits of any pvp server, and we also have workshop on our server so if you don't enjoy the vanilla unturned guns you'll love these AWESOME new guns! We also have custom plugins, such as airdrops, with real planes and carepackages! Lastly, we have lots of moderators and admins, which by the way DON'T abuse, unlike most server's staff!

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Server Information
Rank: 3455


IP + Port:

Map: Offline

Players: Offline

Location: USA

Difficulty: Normal

Mode: PvP   NoSync

Website: Click here to visit this server's website!

Likes: 0

Favorites: 1,272

VoteRewards: Yes

Last Query: 2 minutes ago

Registered by: StevennPlays

Server Registered: Aug 27, 2015

Server Uptime
66.06% 66.06%


samuelmarth02 years ago

Does anyone else get stuck in queue position 1???

samuelmarth02 years ago

Does anyone else get stuck in queue position 1???

PopEyeSnipz3 years ago

Does it take ages to load the server first time or is it just for me ?

StevennPlays PopEyeSnipz2 years ago

for everyone but it takes a long time especially for potato users

superdragon1153 years ago

2 Months/60 days, 6 comments (including dis), 6 replies (including me)
In ROBLOX, 1 popular game, 1 day, 1000000000 comments

PopEyeSnipz StevennPlays3 years ago

he says that this server is on this site for 2-3 months and in those 2-3 months it got 6 comments including his and then u look at roblox and u get 1 popular game and 1000000000 comments in one day :P

spysaboo3 years ago

Banned for "spy block" wtf is that?

DrRush spysaboo3 years ago

A thing that prevents admins & mods from checking if your hacking. If your using it, it basically assumed your hacking & bans are given on basically any server.

mataddor1233 years ago

Error vote "Whoops, looks like something went wrong" Somebody help me!

minecraftrebel3 years ago

This server is great!!! 10/10

Quaid3 years ago

-rep, Abusive owner and admins

Zorca Quaid3 years ago

those are not admins those are vip ranks

StevennPlays jatodan3 years ago

yes for saying "FUCK YOU STEVEN!"

superdragon115 Quaid3 years ago

this is the only comment?