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About the Server:
A brand new Unturned server with:
- NO LAG! (Hosted on dedicated custom gaming PC!)
- NO RAIDERS! (Buildables are 100x stronger than normal!)
- Plugins (TPA, Votifier, and more!)
- Community (Friendly Players, Active Admins!)
- Steam Group (Blocksburg Unturned)
- Discord (

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Server Information
Rank: 20

Version: 3.0

IP + Port:

Map: Offline

Players: Offline

Location: Canada

Difficulty: Normal

Mode: PvE   NoSync

Website: Click here to visit this server's website!

Likes: 7

Favorites: 826

VoteRewards: Yes

Last Query: 2 minutes ago

Registered by: IridescentBlade

Server Registered: Aug 29, 2016

Server Uptime
0% 0%


FlamesGamez7 years ago

Bad admins, teleported me away from my stuff when i said that I had stuff on the ground that I couldn't pick up.
Then they kicked, 2/10 wouldn't come back.

rajin7 years ago

oh and yes it has been a while server dwellers

rajin7 years ago

well someone has to disable Pvp and enable it every friday (they can't do that exactly in the middle of the night).

thebignoid7 years ago

Nice people...could have been a good server but ruined by Purges. Purge is only supposed to be on fridays but now seems to be all weekend as its saturday and pvp is still active.

UnknownTrashCan thebignoid7 years ago

Don't play on purge Fridays,and the owner has to manually turn purge on and off he has a life and can't always turn it off at exact times

camden57237 years ago

If there are 3 people in a base, could it be triple in size?

rajin rajin7 years ago

Well triple it in pieces so 450 for 3 people and 150 for 1 person

Timmetietiimmy7 years ago here can you see i have voted 17 times.
My in game name is MarijnPol.
Can you give me the vip rank now?

keinome17 years ago

Well The server is nice and the admins are cool too just watch out for Luffy a mod on Fridays he's a mod and a dangerous pvp'r at that. He's nice on regular days even giving me my heli back (btw don't expect that from him just giving my positive experiences) after I lost it and he was really cool about it too, the admins smiley and captain even tho cap is as dangerous as Luffy the mod but he is also cool, smiley is just a nice kind of girl who really is fun to be around but serious and abides by the rules pretty well. Don't use caps and don't curse (especially in caps at the mods and it can get you muted in world chat).

Fluffybutt7 years ago

this servers admins abuse there tp powers. they will tp you any where and kill you

UnkownQuantity Fluffybutt7 years ago

that's isnt true

Sinergy7 years ago

turn on /home mode

UnkownQuantity Sinergy7 years ago

it is on. you just have to be a member of the steam group to use it