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- M I D D L E E A R T H -
A Semi-RP PVP Adventure

~ Welcome Traveler! ~
To a server with something for everyone. We are relatively new but already have a rich history and cater to all play styles. Whether it's Joining a faction and going to war, building and questing with friends, or making new ones through trade of rare items. Witness the formation and breaking of alliances across a dynamic landscape! You will also find custom tailored rare combat vehicles that spawn throughout the map, like Figther Jets, Boats, etc.

~ Features ~
Kits, Feasts, Vote Rewards, /home, Player Run Shops, Gunshop, Auto Dealer, Custom Weapons, Combat Vehicles, Ultimate Vehicles, Server Events (every Friday @5:30 PST)

~ Rules ~
We are not a controlling server with tons of rules. We basically only have one rule. No flooding world chat with drama.

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Server Information
Rank: 41


IP + Port:

Map: Overgrown 3+

Players: 0 / 16

Location: USA

Difficulty: Normal

Mode: PvP   NoSync

Likes: 154

Favorites: 178

VoteRewards: Yes

Last Query: 1 minute ago

Registered by: Grimsorrow

Server Registered: Nov 21, 2016

Server Uptime
99.65% 99.65%


GeneralKoala69242 months ago

Great server, Awesome community

JacksonF2 months ago

this guy is trash. he's advertising on other people's server GTFO

Dinip12 JacksonF2 months ago

yeah... so read the posts on my server page! https://unturnedsl.com/dedicated/show/14342

Dinip122 months ago

Hello everyone, I come from the Brainstorm server. I am one of the moderators on this server, along with 2 others. Our server is a pvp server. We also have warps, /home, /tpa, feasts and airdrops! You can also get powerful vote rewards if you vote for our server daily. If you would like to join our server and be a part of our community, here is our ip and port. Have fun!

IP: unturned.brain-storm.ml

Port: 27015

pollardsamuel312 months ago

great server in need of help they'll help you admin is really nice go join it

Timtam882 months ago

Varian is a ruins the server

Grimsorrow3 months ago

Strikinq = Known hacker, troll, all around asshole.

Strikinq3 months ago

Here's a more fitting server name based off of my experience "House of Pussies" PvE server, no killing or raider, will spawn in items to anyone who rides my dick.

Strikinq3 months ago

i was confused as to the comments people had left about the owner. about 10 minutes in it was fine, gave it 5 more minutes after talking to the admin a bit, i realized what everyone meant. good server, nice workshop items, shitty admin.

Strikinq Strikinq3 months ago

spawns in items and teleports anyone who rides his dick, even though rule 3 clearly states "no asking for items, teleports, or loot" (which he probably changed cause of this) and he killed a friend and i in god mode because we apparently broke a rule? a rule that wasn't even in the rule list at the time. he never stated not to do what we did either.

happynugget Strikinq3 months ago

idk who is saying shitty admin but he is actually one of the best admins ive played with

Dragonfire117 Strikinq3 months ago

Here's the deal. If you are an asshole to people then it goes back to you. A while ago you had been hacking on SOJ so that might add to it too.

Strikinq Dragonfire1173 months ago

Me hacking? No, that was someone else by the name of Jeke. And, neither one of us were hacking on this new server. If we had been, how come we didn't get BattleEyed? None of us were cheating on this server, and I've never cheated. If anything, Free is just a little bitch who now that he has some power, takes out his anger on us.

Dragonfire117 Strikinq3 months ago

I know that. Why don't you act like an adult and move on.

GGgamer393 months ago

this is probably the best server ive found the server is maintained pretty well the admins and mods are the nicest people ive seen all in all its the best

wolfsghost3 months ago

the server undergoes constant repairs because of workshop items. some dont end up working when a patch or update happens, and that results in the workshop items to be removed.

as for varians actions on removal of property, he removes debre if its been there over a week untouched. this is to help prevent lag and keep the map clean.

final note, a few players have been claiming varian is being abusive? i have not seen that myself. but I will communicate with him about this matter. we intend to improve the server more, and there are hurdles that are a challenge... varian is still new with ownership of this server and is trying his best to maintain it.

Sincerely: Wesley

SpaceInmate4 months ago

i thought the owner was a better person...
turns out i was wrong

SpaceInmate SpaceInmate3 months ago

dont listen to me

anomolyg4 months ago

All he cares about is getting votes for his server.

anomolyg4 months ago

The owner destroyed my base and all my stuff because I told him he should be nicer to a small group that helped me start out.

TrynerDMG4 months ago

Nice server... but I can't say the same about the owner...

Slayer3201 TrynerDMG4 months ago

Yeah... Community is nice, but the owner is trash.

anomolyg Slayer32014 months ago

Sorry that he did that to you guys.

gamioso4 months ago

Slayers dick is fucking 19" And i approve of this message

Slayer3201 gamioso4 months ago

damnit gamioso why XD

gamioso gamioso4 months ago

-ps the owner isnt very nice It was fun playing around with my small group of friends that grew a bit, then the owner started deleting stuff that took hours for us to find and made us die countless times.

gamioso Slayer32014 months ago

You got a dig bick dude deal with it.

Slayer32014 months ago

The owner is nice, until you stick around for a while. Then he becomes the abusive, asshole owner. Don't bother playing on this server.

Slayer3201 Slayer32014 months ago

Also Varian, if you're reading this... From everyone in my group to you, we extend a sincere "Fuck you."
You have lost all of our respect, and in turn, you have lost 10+ active members in your community.

CrazierDude4 months ago

It would be fun once you remove Varian as admin.
He teleported to me and killed me and my friend while building my base and said were raiding it.

Gudfrancis CrazierDude4 months ago

hes the owner of the server lol

Slayer3201 CrazierDude4 months ago

Yeah he did that to a couple of my group's members sometimes. Didn't raid us, but did teleport us and killed whoever was teleported. For legitimately no reason, either.

gamioso CrazierDude4 months ago

One time he siphoned all the gas from my industrial generator, and destroyed my bed while i went to the bathroom causing me to lose hours of work.

Gudfrancis4 months ago

love the server always a fun place to hang around

Slayer3201 Gudfrancis4 months ago

Community is nice, but do yourself a favor and don't get too close to the admin.

raptorslayer1 Slayer32013 months ago

dude the admin is my best friend