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The Ultimate Roleplay Experience

Overgrown3+ Roleplay is a server that focuses on player interaction and roleplay. With plenty of mods and plugins to enhance the roleplaying experience, a popular community, forums, website, discord, teamspeak and plenty of active staff, we provide the ultimate roleplaying experience. On top of this we have towns, safezones, kits, feasts, mods, vehicle events and many other awesome features!

Note: This is not an economy/life server, we do not use currency or jobs, this is about plain old roleplaying!

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Server Information
Rank: 2496


IP + Port:

Map: Unturnov

Players: 20 / 24

Location: Europe

Difficulty: Easy

Mode: PvP   NoSync

Website: Click here to visit this server's website!

Likes: 0

Favorites: 1

VoteRewards: No

Last Query: 3 minutes ago

Registered by: Nylex

Server Registered: Feb 8, 2017

Server Uptime
75% 75%