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Welcome to unTRUMPed Military RP, the unofficial Unturned server of President Donald J. Trump!

In order to play the server, you must join either our Allies or Axis Steam group!

- A WW2 Setting & Custom Map
- Military Ranks & Promotions
- Modded Weapons & Vehicles
- Large Scale Battles & Skirmishes
- FOBs (Forward Operating Bases)
- Team Building & Roleplay
- Various Divisions & Uniforms
- Helpful Staff & a Dedicated Community
- And MORE Always Being Added

Workshop Mods:
- StranDead Content [Drinkable Beer & Canned Energy]
- Industrial Locker
- WW2 Expansion Pack
- Rain's WW2 Mod
- Flare Gun
- License Plate
- Letgalian's Furniture
- More Spawners for A&A
- WW2 NPCs and Items for A&A
- Invasion of Sicily

Also, visit us at our community website HERE!

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Server Information
Rank: 10


IP + Port: untrumpedrp.net:26200

Map: Invasion of Sicily

Players: 14 / 24

Location: USA

Difficulty: Normal

Mode: PvP   NoSync

Website: Click here to visit this server's website!

Likes: 635

Favorites: 160

VoteRewards: Yes

Last Query: 2 minutes ago

Registered by: Zeof

Server Registered: Mar 1, 2017

Server Uptime
81.45% 81.45%