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Welcome to Common Sense! Our server is relatively new but has pretty much everything you'll need to survive and have fun!

Currently we have several mods implemented and events such as Feasts and Airdrops, along with special events that I host myself when I come online!

Special kits will be implemented for donators and ranks for those donators when they become available.

**The map used is ZombieWorld, which is pretty huge and has plenty of secrets and awesome places to build bases! SafeHaven has been turned into a Safezone where you can get a house or building for your group, just ask me the admin when I come online. (Houses in SafeHaven are free from raiding and explosives in homes are punishable by ban. Houses are first come first serve and are given based on number of persons in group). If you cant get a house, don't worry! Anyone who hasn't been on in a week will be removed from the town and the space will open!**

**Due to problems with the latest Unturned update, the map will be set to Russia until its fixed, your characters should save fine so just enjoy the current map until a fix comes!**

Zombies here are slightly tougher, but drop far better loot than usual, expect difficult but rewarding PvE! This map also gets absurdly dark at night, but the starter kit gives you plenty of light!

Rules can be found on server by typing /rules, There are warps to popular locations like the ammo shop and the safezone. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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