NarNar's Paradise [feast|Shop|Nogrief|kits|tpa]

Unturned group where we practise da BOOTIFULLING!!!!

Suppaaaaz peeps?!!!

Welcome to NarNar's BOOTIFUL Paradise! This fun server with a lore will keep you hyped and busy! I hope you all have fun with this server as it obviously is the best PvE Unturned server ever made! Remember to ride your dragons into the land of Utopian Paradise as you search with your souls into the BOOTIFULLING!


1) Be respectful to d'BOOTIFULLING! No excessive cussin/ragin, and play fair & be nice.

2) Bases are 20 cubes per player up to 80 cubes max. 3 triangles is 1 cube.

3) Balconies and heli landing spots are fine, just don't make them too big!

4) If your roof/balconies spots have a lot of furnitures, it will count as a square.

5) Do not build under feasts, towns, & airdrops. Your house will be auto-removed!

6) Don't place cagelights. They lag a lot. Use lamps instead!
Please place signs with all your name/s on your house and vechicles.

7) Only 2 vehicles per player! Abandoned vehicles will be removed if left for awhile.

8) Take a ScreenShot(f12) of ur sign on ur vehicle into your steam to get it respawned!


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Players: Offline

Location: USA

Difficulty: Normal

Mode: PvE   Sync

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Registered by: Nirai

Server Registered: Aug 22, 2017

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