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Welcome to Gafi!

Welcome to Unturned Heaven: We're a gaming community that hosts and manages multiplayer servers on Unturned. Complete with loads of custom plugins and an active staff team, we take gaming seriously.


? Airdrop Manager
? Kits
? uEssentials /TPA, HOME & More/
? Votifier


? Respect all players - Don't spawn kill players and don't be mean in chat.
? No advertising - No linking players to another server either via IP or website.
? No bug using - Don't use exploits of something that shouldn't be there on the server.
? No hacking - No mods that give an unfair advantage. (So domination pack would be allowed because you can't use any of it additions)
? No spamming - No multiple lines of the same words/letters. Also, no all caps.
? Listen to staff - If staff tells you to do something, do it. (This applies if you are breaking a rule)
? No group betrayals - Raiding your own group by leaving and joining in a new or getting kicked out whilst online.

*Thanks to diamondpumkin for writing the rules

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Rank: 255


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Map: Offline

Players: Offline

Location: Europe

Difficulty: Easy

Mode: PvP   Sync

Website: Click here to visit this server's website!

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Favorites: 1

VoteRewards: Yes

Last Query: 5 minutes ago

Registered by: Universe911

Server Registered: Mar 20, 2018

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