-No KOS/RDM, (a valid reason must be given first.)

-Glitching, hacking, or any other form of cheating is prohibited.

-Trolling, mic-spam and grief are unacceptable.


-You can not intervene when someone is being arrested.

-No trespassing on other peoples properties, if they refuse to leave after you've given a warning you can KOS.

-Towns are demilitarized zones, faction wars are prohibited in towns.

-To rob someone there must be a minimum of 2 police online, if the person you are robbing runs or pulls a gun you can KOS them. You may only rob their backpack items and hands.

-You can take one hostage every day, (minimum of 3 police online.)

-Posesion of any kind of berries will result in your arrest.

-No stealing, tampering, mischief or obsessive hooliganism.

-Civilians can not wear police uniforms.



-Scrap Metal is the money here!

-Obey the police.

-If you respect staff, staff will respect you.

-You will not be compensated for lost items.

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