In Unturned home menu click on "Play" then "Connect". Now in IP blank input "" and as a port type "27015".
When you're done press the "Connect" button. Enjoy your stay!

Help us get on top of the list by voting on us. On this page scroll up and under the banner you should see the green button "???? Vote"
press on it. Then you should see another grey button "Sign in through Steam" also press on it. Now sign in to your steam account.
After that comeback to server to claim your reward using /reward command. Thank you for your support, enjoy your time on our server!

These are some useful links, which might help you with get acquainted with our community.


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Server Information
Rank: 919


IP + Port:

Map: Offline

Players: Offline

Location: Europe

Difficulty: Easy

Mode: PvP   Sync

Website: Click here to visit this server's website!

Likes: 0

Favorites: 0

VoteRewards: Yes

Last Query: 5 minutes ago

Registered by: RestoreMonarchy

Server Registered: Feb 2, 2019

Server Uptime
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