LTU [WarZoneZ] Modded Survival

Type: survival
Bullet drop
Fall damage
Breaking legs
First person only, except vehicles (third person)
Horde beacons – blacklisted (you can craft, but it will disappear)
Safezone radiators – blacklisted (you can craft, but it will disappear)
Item durability – disabled.
Zombies can’t be stunned
Zombies damage increased
No tpa
/home – 90 seconds
Starter kit (knife, some food, bow – every 5h)
Airdrops from ~2 to 6h (basic vanilla items, vehicle, military)
Clothes cosmetics – disabled
Gun cosmetics – enabled.
Max player team size – 4
Gold characters limitation – 1
Items and spawns:

Server includes modded items like: guns, clothes, armors, building assets, vehicles, supplies, resources, supplies, animals.

Low/mid tier loot (vanilla and modded) spawns all over the map. Mid/high tier loot more likely to spawn at deadzonez. (lost valley, bunker). Top tier loot like awm sniper rifle, best helmets, vests etc – only on “Military airdrops”.
There are 3 types of airdrops: basic items (low tier guns, ammo, medicine etc), military (top tier items), vehicle (vehicle airdrops, including modded ones). Airdrops are every 2-5h. Type – random.

Custom blueprints: there are lots of custom items to craft on server, so don’t forget to check crafting tables to find out more.

Weapons/armors/clothes/structures stats – right click on item in your inventory to see basic information. For vanilla item stats , check on google. Modded weapons/armors/structures etc – have better overall stats.

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Server Information
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Map: Offline

Players: Offline

Location: Europe

Difficulty: Normal

Mode: PvE   NoSync

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Server Registered: Mar 16, 2019

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