SaviorsPvP [Creative Sanbox PvP, /i,/tpa,/save] |#1

Saviors PvP is a create unturned server that focuses on the playing experience instead of big numbers. We'd rather have 10 nice players than 30 dickheads. That is also why we take time in making sure everything goes by the rules, and everybody is able to play without any problems on our services. We have an experienced staff team, And we are constantly looking for additions to our server. So do you think Saviors PvP is a server you want to play on? Join now! (It is also recommended to join our discord!)

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Server Information
Rank: 276


IP + Port:

Map: Offline

Players: Offline

Location: Europe

Difficulty: Normal

Mode: PvP   Sync

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VoteRewards: Yes

Last Query: 5 minutes ago

Registered by: DuhItzRik

Server Registered: Jun 2, 2019

Server Uptime
26.32% 26.32%