Dawn Will Rise

Dawn Will Rise gives you the full PvE gameplay experience on both Unturned and Minecraft. This is the revival of the previous server, King&Chuey. Join us for loads of fun and adventure!

Game Server Rules

1. Cuss words are allowed; this only applies to f--k and s--t. Any other offensive ones are not tolerated; this includes racism, sexism, religion, bullying, politics and derogatory remarks. (Come on, guys. Its a gaming server, good vibes only!)
2. No building on feast spawns and no building inside in-game buildings. Any found will be destroyed on sight.
3. Each player is only allowed to have a base with 18 tiles, this includes the roof (A triangular roof/tile is counted as 1/3) - a base with 2 players will have a maximum of 26 tiles, a base with 3 players will have a maximum of 32 tiles and up to a maximum of 40 tiles.
4. Griefing, raiding and stealing are not allowed.
5. Each house will require a metal sign on the front with Player names and the date they last signed in. This also applies to any vehicle obtained/purchased.
6. Each player is only allowed 1 vehicle that runs with fuel and 1 without. This includes makeshifts.
7. Skybases are forbidden.

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Server Information
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Map: Offline

Players: Offline

Location: USA

Difficulty: Normal

Mode: PvE   NoSync

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Registered by: SVRVulby

Server Registered: Oct 31, 2019

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