Hexxis Mexican Border Roleplay

Hexxis offers two main Unturned servers, Hexxis City RP, a newly made modern city life roleplay with elements such as a border-guarding U.S. military, commanding police force, and multiple player-made cartel groups. Next, we offer Hexxis Semi-RP, a more PVP-based server that provides a custom-built safezone, personally made workshop items, numerous player-owned shops, and a bottomless amount of PVP and action. In addition to this, both Hexxis discord servers have a combined playerbase of over 1,500 members, with the Semi-RP having over 1,300 and the full City Life RP having over

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Server Information
Rank: 287


IP + Port:

Map: Offline

Players: Offline

Location: USA

Difficulty: Normal

Mode: PvE   Sync

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VoteRewards: Yes

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Registered by: ChowSticks

Server Registered: Apr 28, 2020

Server Uptime
6.15% 6.15%