silver Lakes RP l 24 Slot l NO KOS/custom map and npcs

Sliver Lake RP:

What we offer:

paid plugins

are plugins are fitted to make are server more role play type

We have a vary active staff team if you need there help you just need to ask

We offer custom npc's

As Well as a custom map for you to enjoy the life of role play in a big open space

What about factions you may ask your self ?

well it don't stop there we have factions such as




lots of amazing things for you to enjoy when role play on are server

What About are Rules you may ask?

All are in game rules are on are discord server and ill list some for you here as well

We don't take likely to KOS/RDM so when this happens we give them a 5 day ban

we also like some real roleplay rules such as FailRP/FearRP theses bans we give 1 hour

And last but not less NLR Which means new life rule so all your pass life is losted

well i guess we should stop there but are other rules are in are discord for you guys to check out

See You All soon

IP: Port: 27265

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Server Information
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Map: SliverLakes RP 2.0

Players: 0 / 24

Location: Europe

Difficulty: Easy

Mode: PvE   Sync

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VoteRewards: Yes

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Registered by: CyanPlays

Server Registered: Mar 15, 2021

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