Milk Town is a small server that focuses on providing a fun and balanced, yet different experience for those who grow weary of vanilla content and crave something a bit different. Milk town comes with 25 separate workshop items, each carefully selected to both work with the other mods and integrate seamlessly into the leveled lists in a way that is both fun and balanced. There is much new content, including over a hundred new weapons, with the ability to craft weapons from trash, forge your own, and even craft your own ammo. The new firearms won't be useless though, considering that there is a new threat in Russia, that presents itself in the form of 8 New, enemies, such as the powerful Electric Boss, or the invisible Spirit. Don't want to fight? Then use the new buildings and defense mechanisms, such as a rotating saw, or an electric fence. Hungry, but don't want to go out and scavenge? Living off the land has been overhauled, with hundreds of new food items, new plants to grow, new farming equipment, the ability to brew alcohol, and more animals to hunt for food. Though, if you ever decide to go out for a quick loot'n'shoot, there are 10+ new vehicles to find. Even the late game has been fully fleshed out with a technological mod that adds new and advanced technology available for you to harness. I haven't even scratched the surface, though. Join and find out for yourself.

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