1931 Bootleg Roleplay

The year is 1931. Prohibition of Blueberry Juice is still going strong. You are in a quaint little place known as Chef County, previously known for it's mining, logging, and fishing. Unfortunately, it no longer has the same persona. It is now known as the largest illegal berry juice producer in the world.

You are in Chef County, Illinois. The Great Depression is in full swing, and prohibition of Blueberry Juice is strictly enforced. Welcome to Bootleg Life Role Play! You choose your path- Will you join a Union, and become a powerful businessman? Will you join the Police and protect the citizens? Will you join the Mafia and become a Bootlegger? You decide!

We would refer that you to join our discord, it will be easier for you and us as a staff team to inform you when we make updates and important announcements. The Discord server also gives you opportunities to apply for staff and chief positions.

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