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Welcome to our PvP Vanilla Arid server Unturned Discord community! Our server is focused on providing a thrilling and immersive gameplay experience for all players who enjoy the challenge of player-versus-player combat in the barren Arid environment of Unturned.

Our server is almost fully vanilla, meaning we don't use any mods that alter the game mechanics, but we do use /home, /tpa, and /vault . This ensures a fair and balanced playing field for all players.

On our server, you can expect to face tough challenges as you compete with other players for resources and survival in the unforgiving Arid landscape. You'll need to be quick, strategic, and skilled to stay alive and come out on top in battles against other players.

We have a friendly and active Discord community where you can connect with other players, and share tips and strategies. We encourage teamwork (not alliances) and communication among players, as it adds to the overall gaming experience.

If you're looking for a challenging PvP experience in the Arid environment of Unturned, then our server is the perfect place for you. Join our Discord community and start your journey toward becoming the ultimate survivor in a world of constant conflict and danger.

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Map: Offline

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Location: USA

Difficulty: Normal

Mode: PvP   Sync

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Registered by: LilGeekz

Server Registered: Apr 8, 2023

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