This is a modded server with AdminCommands, DeathMessages, Feast, NoCheat, RespawnVehicles, and Votechecker! This is a PVP server with KoS and all that, no restrictions when it comes to PVP, The feast was customized by the dev/owner! You can get coconuts on this server! Get them from going to the feast, killing new people, joining server for first time, or from voting!
1. No Hacking
2. No Cheating (Combat Logging is considered cheating)
3. Never ask for items or ranks(Item respawn, car respawn, refuel all vehicles  ect is allowed)
4. Just ask if you have a question :)
5. Have fun meowing! and playing on the server...

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Server Information
Rank: 5945

Version: 2.2.5

IP + Port:

Map: PEI

Players: NA / 40

Location: USA

Difficulty: Normal

Mode: PvP   NoSync

Likes: 0

Favorites: 1

VoteRewards: No

Registered by: EnchantedCat

Server Registered: Oct 22, 2014